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Roofstage Pass

We’re blessed with an amazing roof deck overlooking our gorgeous city. We’re equally blessed with industry hookups that have convinced some of the best emerging music acts in the country to play for us. That’s how the Roofstage Pass concert series was born.

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Carmichael Collective

Carmichael Collective is an ongoing project that lets us play, experiment and celebrate creativity just for the sake of it. Enjoy.

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Carmichael Cares

Carmichael Lynch wants to inspire our teams to not only produce great work, but also to be great people. To not spend their lives within our walls talking only to each other, but seek a work/life balance and cultivate a happy, healthy culture that espouses diversity, change, and challenge. That is how we get great work and great partners.

That is why Carmichael Lynch is devoted to fostering a Culture Advocating Responsibility, Education, and Sustainability.